The O'Malleys Adopt

Follow us through the ups and downs of domestic newborn adoption

Support US

How can you help us bring a child home through adoption?

1. Pray.

2. Attend Box Camp Bod’s Adoption Fundraiser on Feb 15th.

3. Donate your used stuff to our adoption rummage sale, scheduled for April 12th! This is going to be held at the Niceville Assembly of God parking lot and will be supporting us and will also combine a back sale that is supporting a second adoptive family! Lot’s of great deals and good times will be had by all! Mark your calendars. If you have nothing to give we need hands available to help that day. Contact Paddy at 850-420-7620.

4. Donate to our online auction. Do you own a business or have new items that you don’t need? Donate gift certificates and handmade items to our online auction.

5. Give. Even $5 helps. Here’s the link.

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