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Follow us through the ups and downs of domestic newborn adoption

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The Messy Years

As I’ve thought about my previous post, I realized that we sound so passive from 2003-2011. The reality is that those years were full of challenges that sidetracked many hopes we had regarding growing our family. Our marriage grew deeper and closer through the trials. God revealed Himself. The Church surrounded us with support and encouragement.  Those years were full of good, God honoring life lessons.

As messy as all that is, it is part of our adoption story for it has so much to do with how much excitement we have as we count the days to meeting our baby. As soon as we formally began perusing this adoption God re-lit a spark of hope that those tumultuous years had beaten out. I wholeheartedly feel adoption is the answer to the questions we asked God over those years: “Why is it taking so long for God to start our family?”  The answer is in a general sense adoption, but also this particular adoption.  This year, at this moment. We believe that there are no second bests and plan “B’s” with God. He is the sovereign ruler of our lives, who orders each step for His glory in His children’s best interest.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. Rom 8:28. 

ALL things. So powerful.

So when we finally look into the eyes of the child God brings into our lives, we will be staring straight into the “good” that God has worked for us. The blessing that was not 10 years late but exactly on time.

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Catching You Up

As I was mulling over putting our adoption story out on the blogosphere, I have been daunted by the first post I’d have to write. Mostly because even though we started our adoption journey officially this year, God has been laying groundwork for our adoption for our whole marriage.  Here’s a brief summary:

1999 the I do’s were said and dreams began

2002 this baby thing might not be as easy as we were thinking

2003-2013 refinement, waiting on God, and trusting His plan 

2013  adoption…why did we wait so long?

And that question, “Why did we wait so long?” has resonated through me since we began this journey. With God, there is not a second best. There is one beautiful plan that He unfolds at just the right time.  And with adoption, for His reasons, He waited until our hearts were absolutely bursting for a child. Have we explored every possible option for having a biological child? No. But over the last year, we began to ponder some new ideas about how God creates families. Families aren’t created merely by flesh and blood, they are created by God’s hand. And the big, scary letting go that takes place when starting adoption is really just snuggling closer to the heart of the Maker of Heaven and Earth.  And so, on April 24th 2013, we leaned in to God and said yes to adoption.