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The Last Few Days

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Wow. The last few days have been intense. And because I can’t share too much detail on a blog, let me just say we were informed of a need that was a little outside of our plans. There was a 4 year old girl available for a private placement, which is pretty rare. Although we have though our path would be an infant, we responded with hearts open to whatever God has for us. This process involved spending a day with her and honestly, falling in love with her. Some unexpected challenges came up (which is actually pretty expected with adoption).  And now we are waiting. We are waiting to see what God is doing, and what our part is in this particular story.

Adoption redefines waiting for the glory of God. It is the hands clenched on your phone, knowing that the next minute could contain a call that could change your life- or not. And your day has to go on like you are not on pins and needles, because there is normal life going on all around you.

That is my life these past few days. So much wondering, so many emotions. But a sovereign God ordering all things for His glory.

Author: lilyomalley

I'm a Christ follower, photographer, and adoption advocate married to the most amazing guy ever! We are 10 months into the process of adopting our first child domestically.

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