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Another Match Falls Through

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The last two weeks I have entered some of the “hard stuff” of adoption. In the midst of waiting there are so many challenges.

One of our agencies called to tell us we had again been chosen! A little boy due in November.

But our agency contact said that they were going to consider it “tentative.” There were some things going on with the birthmother that lead them to believe she might not place and wanted to make sure of her decision before we signed anything. We were thankful for the way the agency was handling it.

During our tentative match another situation in our budget came to light, but we had to say no, because of the commitment to this situation. Since our profile has gone live, we have seen few situations in our budget (currently $25,000 or less, most range $27,000-$35,ooo and some are more). Then two weeks later, the agency calls to tell us that the birthmother has decided to attempt parenting.

Which puts us back at square one.

Author: lilyomalley

I'm a Christ follower, photographer, and adoption advocate married to the most amazing guy ever! We are 10 months into the process of adopting our first child domestically.

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